The digital TV service provider market in the UK is highly competitive, with established telecommunications companies battling each other for customers. While Sky has long since stolen a march into the lead, the other two main providers, BT and Virgin Media, are closely trailing them. Virgin Media UK offers best deals on broadband, TV and Phone.

BT Vision, the subsidiary TV branch of the company of the same name, cannot pretend to be able to compete with the massive budget of Sky, but it offers a high-quality level of service to those who can't afford or are unwilling to pay as much as that company charges. Although it only really offers Freeview channels (of which there are seventy), its on-demand programme selections are varied, with selections from the Discovery Channel, HBO, CBS, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon available to watch whenever you want.

While the channels and programmes immediately available aren't fantastic, then, the Freeview box more than makes up for it. Called Vision+, it allows viewers to pause and rewind live TV, as well as recording programmes and series' that they know they're going to miss. There is no separate high-definition version – to view programmes and films with picture qualities vastly improved in terms of clarity and vibrancy, simply connect the box to your HD television with an HDMI cable, and you'll be automatically connected to the HD options that the Vision system covers.

There are two options available for those wanting to switch to the company's television services: the TV Essential and TV Unlimited packages. Both feature a free Vision+ box, along with the aforementioned seventy Freeview channels. However, the TV Essential package has access to on-demand programmes for varying rental costs and optional Sky Sports 1 and 2, while the TV Unlimited package has unlimited access to on-demand content with Vision Kids, Film Club, TV, Sport and Music, as well as free ESPN (with optional Sky Sports 1 and 2). Accordingly, the Unlimited Package is more expensive than its Essential counterpart.

If you're looking for a less expensive digital TV service provider, you could do a lot worse than opting for BT Vision. Its selection of channels and programmes is impressively extensive, considering the amount of programmes monopolised by other providers, with many more programming options available on the service's on-demand features. With even the Unlimited Package very reasonably priced, this is a fantastic service to sign up to.