Digital television is just one of the things that we're lucky enough to have in this technologically-advanced era. Its growth in influence is reflected by its growth in quality, as many Hollywood stars, directors and writers are drawn to its slower pacing and scope for development and long-term quality, rather than having to squeeze quality into a hundred minutes on the big screen.

BT Vision is one of the biggest television providing services in the UK, and is able to show its customers some of the biggest series' from home and America on channels like FXUK, which is the home of zombie drama The Walking Dead, animated comedy like Family Guy and American Dad and cult vampire hit True Blood, among many others. Its other channels include standard Freeview fare like the terrestrial off-shoots (BBC Four, 5*, etc) and Dave. Viewers can access these shows with the Vision+ box, a nifty little machine which allows them not only to play the programmes but also to rewind and pause live television so that they don't have to miss anything if they're required to get up and answer the phone or the door. If you're not going to be in while they're on, you can also set individual episodes or entire series' to record – it all depend how many times you press the Record button (once for an episode, twice for a series, thrice to cancel)!

Many television providers now offer digital TV packages to their customers in a bid to collate the services they offer into easy bundles for people that use their televisions different amounts. There are two BT Vision packages available at the moment: the Essential package, which is tailored for those who don't watch TV a huge amount and the Unlimited package, which is tailored for those who are heavy TV watchers. Both BT Vision packages include a free Vision+ box and over seventy Freeview channels. The differences between the two are reflected in the on-demand content (the Essential package requires payment per show or film that you watch; the Unlimited does not) and the sports channels on offer: In terms of sport options, the Essential package just offers optional Sky Sports 1 & 2 channels, while Unlimited includes free ESPN with optional Sky Sports 1 & 2.

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