For some, it will always be the invention that irreversibly dumbed down generations of children, stopping them from reading books, playing outside and generally living fulfilling lives. These people are wrong. Along with literature, cinema and music, television has become an (albeit unexpected) art form, with some of the best writing, acting and directing taking place for years on the small screen rather than the big one, resulting in outstanding entertainment for viewers of all ages.

The terrestrial channels that have existed for years are slowly but surely being eased out by digital television companies like Sky, which has more money and can afford to put on better-produced and developed programmes which are able to attract the most talented cast and crew members. Naturally Sky needs to provide services worthy of broadcasting these programmes, so its television deals feature the very latest technology and features.

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While Sky broadcasts the latest and best dramas and comedies from across the pond, such as fantasy series Game of Thrones and Armando Iannucci’s US take on The Thick Of It, Veep, it also has a monopoly on premiering movies and sports including Premier League football and Formula 1 motor racing. It shows these programmes on high definition channels that its customers can view with a high-definition television and a Sky+ HD box, which can be used to pause and rewind live television as well as recording programmes and series.

Sky Variety Pack is one of the Sky entertainment pack which allows to choose your favourite Sky channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky1, Sky Living, SyFy, FX and many more. Sky variety pack offers you an amazing TV viewing experience at reasonable price.

Virgin Media comes a close second to Sky as a UK television provider. It provides many of the same services as Sky, including high definition channels like Sky Movies and Sky Sports, but at more expensive prices than those offered by Sky. It features a huge variety of programmes on demand, but its main selling point may be its inclusion of TiVo, with whom it has an exclusive UK agreement. This lets you store up to 100 hours of recorded HD television, with the ability to record three shows at once as opposed to Sky’s one show while watching another.

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The digital television service providers are by no means limited to Sky and Virgin, but they do give you the most options and variables. However, if you don’t feel like you need all the bells and whistles, simply make sure that you have a Freeview service set up before the digital signal switchover takes place in your area.

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