We are more dependent on the latest technology than we’ve ever been. It is a huge influence on almost every aspect of our lives, from allowing us to stay in touch with friends and family to performing simple tasks that would have been done by hand a hundred years ago, like washing clothes. Technology’s greatest achievement, however, is probably the invention of the internet, which has allowed us to achieve things that could have only been dreamt of in years gone by.

The beauty of the internet is that it’s available to pretty much anyone in some form, whether it’s dial-up, 3G or broadband, and there are currently a whole host of great broadband options from different providers, including Virgin Media and British Telecom, currently available to customers.

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Virgin Media is probably the UK’s number-one broadband provider at the moment, with a number of awards for best and fastest broadband won over the last two years. This is partly due to the fibre-optic technology that the company uses to provide its customers with lightning-fast connection and download speeds. The company also includes a number of extras with most of its deals, like a Spotify music-streaming subscription, wireless routers and various security measures, as well as routinely offering discounts and free months when you sign up to a new deal.

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BT, the UK’s oldest telecoms provider, is the best-place provider to challenge Virgin for national broadband supremacy. Its Infinity broadband is also based in fibre-optic technology, and can reach speeds of up to 100Mb, which is more than four times the UK average. Winner of the PC Advisor Best Superfast Broadband award in 2012, the company also throws in anti-virus software, a BT home hub, online storage and free telephone technical support at any time of the day or night.

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For customers who think broadband may be too expensive for them, it’s worth noting that landline, broadband and TV packages can now be combined when looking at deals with the bigger broadband providers, so customers only have to pay one monthly bill rather than three, which saves them money in the long run.

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There are a lot more broadband providers, both big and small, that may be more suitable for your broadband services – not everyone needs superfast fibre-optic broadband! Companies like Orange and O2 also provide broadband to customer across the country – shop around to get connected!